Thursday, 19 January 2012

Image/Teaser Thing For Blog

I've recently created a little image to advertise this blog. Well, not advertise, but it's essentially just an image that represents it, or something. Maybe you can use it as a desktop picture. I don't know. It's not as pretty as I'd like it to be, but if I can get my hands on Photoshop, I'll be able to make better stuff. You see, I used to have Photoshop Elements, but since my computer runs OSX Lion, I can't use that particular version (it's a PowerPC application). Anyway, image:

Yeah. It's just a Chromey-wave thing in the side, with the blog's title in the top. I think I might use something like this for the top pane in the future, because the glow sticks never really looked that good anyway. If I get photoshop. EDIT: Well, maybe sooner. I don't know.

Resisting SOPA and PIPA:

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