Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Happy Birthday!

No, not to me, silly. To Philip Glass! It's his 75th birthday.

Anyway, by some coincidence that is completely unrelated to the fact that it just so happens to be his birthday, his ninth symphony was released on iTunes today. I haven't actually heard it all yet (am am doing so now :) ) but it seems really good so far. Get it for yourself here.

In other news, I attended another music "concert" by... some guy. Anyway, it was sort of... well, he certainly doesn't do justice to philip glass or murray gold or anyone else I like. Anyway, at the end, he said, "I'm just going to give you something to think about. I've never done drugs, I don't smoke, and I eat healthy. And I'm 73.". And then he left. (can you guess where this "concert" might have been?) Anyway, I'm not sure what his point was. Was he implying that I shouldn't do drugs, I shouldn't smoke, I should eat healthy, and I should be seventy three? Or was he saying that if you don't want to do concerts at elementary schools, you should do drugs, you should smoke, you should eat unhealthy things, and most of all you should never be seventy-three! Or had a principal or someone like that instructed him to say that? If that's the case, then I think I have reason to worried.

Drug problems?

At an elementary school?

I mean, I can understand high school, but here?

I guess there are some pretty stupid people here who would gladly take drugs.

Also, it's 2012.

But still! I don't want to be at a school with drug problems! I don't want police to be questioning me about  whether or not I'm doing drugs! I'm innocent! Unless you count Vitamin C chewable thingies. But they are legal, they don't kill you, and some people seem to think they prevent illness. I'm not so sure! And I take 2 a day, max! I'm not a junkie! AAARGGH! Those aren't even drugs! MIG!!!!!!!

Anyway. I don't like drugs. And I believe this is the first time I've actually talked about myself in greater detail, but here is a convenient, consumable summary:

I'm in eighth grade. I am thirteen years old. And please don't try to "dumb down" for me just because I'm young, because chances are I'm smarter than you. No, just kidding. But really, I am smart. Anyway. The end. Blah! Happy january! I'm not looking forward to valentine's day!

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