Friday, 18 November 2011

A Thing

Here's a script for a video I might make, because I'm strange like that.

You know who I am.
Indeed, my purpose here is probably quite clear.
And I guess what's off the screen is validated because I can see it.
Fluctuations in quantum space, I guess.
It's where something that's been observed, changes.
Without shifting realities.
Anyway, what I wanted to talk about is the big problem here.
There's a man on the loose who would kill you on sight.
You can't escape him; he has the fastest mode of transportation in existence.
The secret subway.
Actually- no, steve still uses physical thrusters. You can't beat material reconstruction.
Kind of like teleportation, but it's different.
Yeah, I guess, teleportation's impossible.
The space organ uses vibration to calibrate the internal workings of string theory.
There's more than one Walker Man.
They are ageless. They are alive forever, and they're dead forever.
See, that's it. I need people to validate it. Like- here. Here's the script I'm reading off of. Here's a little dalek made of plastiscene. It does a good job of exterminating bugs.
Anyway, Kikiwa. You have to get past the elephant. What's difficult about the elephant is that it has a really, really really long trunk.
And his children. And his hideous wife.
Once you're past them, find the brick. It's somewhere. It's like, you know horcruxes? From harry potter, yeah. He's put his being into that brick. Find the brick. Destroy it. I don't care. The world's in trouble, and someone has to stabilize reality.
No, his security system isn't great. He isn't smart.
He can change his look. You can tell it's him because he reeks of nitroglycerin.
He can change his look. The police can't find him.
Glory days or oppression days?

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