Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dear Cyclists, I Don't Like You Anymore

Today I went for a bike ride in central park with some people with whom I am affiliated. It's pretty nice; a nice big place, and seeing buildings in the background makes it both ironic and serene. But you know those hardcore cyclists, who are always wearing jerseys and these fancy bikes even though all they really do is ride around in parks? Well, these people demonstrated to me today that they are near-sighted jerks. First, a person I know known as Person A tried to ride across the road. Just then, this moronic cyclist who obviously saw Person A didn't stop, or, like, go around them, they decided to yell, "watch it watch it watch it WATCH IT", obviously expecting Person A to reverse time or something. At the last moment I guess they remembered they can turn, so they did, but as they continued on, they decided to shout, "HOLY SHIT!", for whatever reason. I mean, how can you possibly be so dumb?! I mean, there were young kids there, literally toddlers, and parents can thank him if they start saying "shit" around the house. And I might be able to forgive these people if it had been just the one. But it wasn't. Shortly afterwards, a completely different cyclist got cut off by a small child with whom I am also affiliated. When this happened, he proceeded to yell at the child (Person B), even though they were obviously close to tears, had a poor bike and was clearly inexperienced and uncomfortable. I mean, sure, it was a stupid move on Person B's part, but how can he possibly think he's so important that he can just make whatever little girl cry that he wants? This has demonstrated to me that cyclists are usually these ignorant jerks who think that just because they have a fancy shirt and an ostentatious bike, they can just do whatever they want. And these instances aren't the sole foundation of my opinion; it's more like the last straw. I can't count the number of times I've been in a car, going 20 km/h in an 80 zone because there were cyclists cutting the car off even though it's obviously there, it's perfectly easy to go single file and it's a no-passing zone. They just don't care. And that is why I am announcing, CYCLISTS, I DON'T LIKE YOU! I'm sure that not every showoff-y cyclist has the aura of a stereotypical ignorant American, I still hold that they're mostly total jerks.

Wow, I'm probably going to end up insulting a lot of people with this post...

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