Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Okay, so the top image is okay for the time being. It's a picture I took of some glowey sticks.


Basically, me and my friend are starting to kick around a few ideas for the Beethovenist Bible. We've already got a plan of how it will work, and will probably start writing in a few days. So for now, I present to you, a simple idea for what the cover will look like:

Yep, so that's that. In the world of technology, apparently "they" are coming out with a version of LEDs for lamps that's supposed to last something like 25 years. Do you have any idea how long that is?! If you get one as a teenager, your kids (if you buy any) will be able to buy some! So do yourself a favor, and BUY SOME! So, yes. Amazing new technology. You can read more about it here:
And if you're impatient for the Beethovenist Bible to come out, there's lots of info here:
And I'll see you soon.

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