Monday, 21 May 2012

Yet Another Thing You Should Never Do

I was on a trip to Ottawa recently for nationals in the Musicfest Band Competitions. It had the ability to go well, and for most people it did- but not for me. Thanks to sneezing people, I spent most of the time sick (I felt like I had a fever, but according to others I didn't). On the second night, my hotel room was inhabited by a couple of visitors. But that's not important. At about 10:30, emanating from somewhere, I'm guessing the huge speaker in the ceiling, something that sounded vaguely like this but sort of like it was produced by a cheap 90s synthesizer began. The dialogue between me and the visitors went something like this:

Visitor 1: What's that sound?

Me (calmly): Well, when I was at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, I heard that sound, which turned out to be the fire alarm.


Visitor 2: Run!!!

And thus, we ran. Sort of. I had enough time to grab my wallet, my iPod, and my bag, but I was worried because I didn't have time to grab my charger, my concert shoes, and most importantly the two lego cars I'd brought along. But anyway. With my nasty sickness, I had to hassle down nine flights of stairs. And when I finally got to the bottom, I was forced to wait while nothing much happened. While I was waiting, I saw this:

Note that I'm not in this photo, nor was I involved in its taking. Also, disregard the peculiar mask.
Yeah. So apparently the poor guy was caught in the middle of a shower. Anyway, eventually we found out that a sensor had been tripped somehow. I'm not sure, just that it was a false alarm. So then we trudged upstairs, and finally I sat down again. A few minutes later, I went to sleep.

About a day later, I went on twitter, and after a bit of searching, I found this tweet:

Well done, you ditzy idiot. Did you know that the city of Ottawa recently tightened regulations on intentionally doing that sort of thing? I mean, it's easy enough for you to get framed without the tweet, but now all the police have to do is search "ottawa hotel alarm", and they'll find out who did it. "Duh, yeah, they'll never think of that! Haha!"
And either this person isn't an avid twitter user, or they're ashamed of what they did because I tweeted them telling them that they made a sick person scramble around a building when they probably should've been visiting a doctor. Not to mention the kid in five degree weather in his underpants.

In conclusion, due to the increased amount of hits my blog is getting (over 5000 at the moment), I hope a police officer finds this post, because idiots like these need to think before they act. Because that's the sort of thing only a drunk person would do (which they may well have been).

Think of what your school would do if they found out about this, "NBateni". I can see the tweet now:

#schoolmemories getting expelled cuz of fire alarm lol

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