Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Who invented that acronym, anyway? It's terrible. I mean, try to think of any other acronym where the original is easier to say than the letter. Try comparing "doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou" to "world wide web". Why does there even need to be an acronym. In fact, why does it exist, anyway? Whose idea was it to have "WWW" in front of everything? I mean really, the only people who bother to put useless junk in front of words are french people. And even then, it's just a few letters that determine what gender a particular word is.
But anyway, I got a new microphone. It's known as the "Blue Snowball", and it's very good. I was going to put up an audio recording-ish thing to my YouTube channel just to test it out, but iPhoto decided not to work, so now I'm just sort of going to grump around until it starts working again.

Also, how come I never use indentations when I'm writing in my blog? I do it everywhere else.

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