Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Book Of Atrus Is A Comic?!


I cannot fathom how much better than Manga this is. Go read it! New pages released regularly!

The author intends to take it to the very end. That means, age 37, Gehn, Myst- everything. Personally, I'm excited. You know why? Because this won't be the first Myst comic, but it'll be the first good one... (ahem) Book of Black Ships (ahem)

EDIT (02/05/2012): I recently noticed that it's tagged "Manga". I disagree. If you think it's Manga, you're wrong.

EDIT (31/08/2012): Nevermind. I guess it might be, but I have no idea. Also, I no longer hate manga. Well, I still find some of it annoying, but not all, y'know?

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