Monday, 20 February 2012


If you haven't guessed by the title, I've reached the huge milestone of 1,000 pageviews. This is pretty cool, because I got my first hundred in october or something. Anyway, it's actually 1020, so since I last checked, I got 24 views, from whatever source. Here's the ultimate screenshot:

Here's a little history lesson:

I started this blog out in June 2011. Back then, I didn't post much. I sort of think of it as the "prologue" to what I do now, while I was getting used to the idea of having a blog. The theme looked a lot like it does now, but with different fonts and a way different background picture. It was a screenshot of Todelmer, an age from Myst 5.
Later, I changed it to a long, panel-like version of my frog profile picture. I think it was around here that the "new" era began. I think it was around my Myst Online: Uru Live again on Mac post that I started to post more. And, in retrospect, I think it's when my views began to skyrocket. After a while, I changed the theme to a rather interesting picture I took of glow sticks while I was listening to Vale Decem. I don't even know why I included that. Oh well. After that came the most recent theme. I'll probably make an updated, better looking version of it as soon as I can get my hands on Photoshop Elements. I wish I could post something incredible and shocking as a goodie or something, but I can't. Thanks to everyone who's seen my blog, and even better checked back, and I'm looking forward to another 1000 in the future!

Oh, and

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