Monday, 23 April 2012

Oh, How I Wish Thou Would Post

So it's been six months since the last post on This is a long time. You see, it used to be that they'd post quite often, once a month at the very least. But I'm pretty sure this is the longest silence since... well, ever. And it's especially annoying, since the comment string sort of has a bug in it (you're welcome) and we had this sort of game of trying to reach 1000 comments, which had been going on for a while. And we kept asking them to post, or at least say hi, when it happened. Well, it's been two days, and still nothing.
I think it's bad for our health. For a while, we were sort of in mourning, and people kept making these posts of depression and hatred. Then the notion came up that we were all just one being in an airless void, and had constructed a huge fantasy world to escape its own loneliness. Then it went to being all optimistic and "no news is good news!", and stuff. And I think there were some really long discussions about linking books and quantum theory.
But c'mon! We're desperate! It can't be that hard to at least say "Yo what's up, we're still alive!". Arggity.

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