Thursday, 1 March 2012

Stupid Stuff, Part II of III

As you saw in Part I, people are really starting to get insane about their vanity and fashion.

I mean, I have no idea where these weird customs of wearing earrings and hairbands and lipstick and all this stuff arose! Honestly, you don't have to put on so much crap that your face is barely visible! If anything, you look worse. Honestly, I get really grossed out whenever I see someone wearing nail polish or lip guck. Do you really think that people will like you more if you put thirty-seven tons of string in your hair? Hah.

Anyway, people have said that girls as children are less pressured to be "girl-ish" than boys are to be "boy-ish". I think this is true to some degree, but you see things like, if your hair is any shorter than five inches, you're completely alienated. Literally, some sources which wish to remain anonymous have said that if you have short hair and you're a girl, everyone will think you're weird and a lesbian. That's ridiculous! First of all, do you think that if someone was a lesbian, they'd adhere to stereotypes and have their hair short? ...probably not. And second: What's wrong with being a lesbian, anyway? I think our culture is ridiculously homophobic, and I think the fact that we even have to debate about whether gay marriage is "right" or not is absolutely absurd. Anyway, people are only supporting these stereotypes when they grow their hair long, or wear lipstick or whatever. Because the first step to liberation is resistance.

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