Sunday, 11 December 2011


Here's a little treat:

The very first MEUSM Thing is in the possession of Hovenbeet, and has been even before the Big Bang. How this MEUSM Thing was created is currently unknown, even to Hovenbeet. However, it fell out of the sky on the Bag, so it is believed to be the physical manifestation of a machine made by an omnipotent, multi-dimensional race of gods. A few minutes before the Big Bang blinked into existence, Hovenbeet was trying to figure out how MEUSM Things worked. Meanwhile, SteveMig, who still lived with Hovenbeet for a lack of his own Space Organ, was sneaking around the Great Space Organ playing the bagpipes. Suddenly, he burst into the room Hovenbeet was in, and began playing the Bagpipes very loudly, in his young foolishness. This caused Hovenbeet to get a nasty start, and he thus flung the MEUSM Thing he had been fiddling with to go flying into the air. It then bounced off the ceiling, and headed back for Hovenbeet's head, which it bounced off. It then was propelled across the room and landed inside SteveMig's Bagpipe. Since MEUSM Things respond to physical violence and abuse, one can imagine what this might do. It created the Big Bang, and also created 36 more MEUSM Things, which may be the significance of the number 37.

That's just an excerpt from the in-production Beethovenist Bible.

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