Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Me And Google

Wow, this is going to be a stupid post.
Sometimes people do these things sometimes called "vanity searches", where you search your name or something of the like in Google. It seems to have grown quite popular, because some people seem to have made a little device which is essentially an advanced vanity search tool:
It's rather hokey in practice, but for those who are very bored, it can be... amusing, at best.
Anyway, this is straying from the original reason I decided to write this post. So, vanity searches. They're very popular. Almost everybody has done it.
Actually, I'd be interested to know how many of 3,000,000,000 Google searches that happen in a day are vanity searches.
(want to know how I knew that?
So, there are a LOT of vanity searches. I know that. But, getting closer and closer to the point, since this is MY blog, and MY post, you might be thinking, "when is Alex going to tell us about his vanity searches?". Well, I'm glad you asked...
So, yes. This is what you get if you search my name. The first one is indeed me, and that image is exactly what I look like. The second one, Evan Alexander MacTavish, is some weird creepy guy who likes to drink jello. No, just kidding. I have no idea who he is. If he is you, comment!
Alexander William MacTavish is this stupid kid who isn't as good as me. No, just kidding. If he is you, comment!
Now, the last one. How very very intriguing. It's one of these ridiculous self-indulgent wiki answers things which you never want to see. "But Alex", you say, "surely you didn't write that! You're far too awesome for such idiocy!". Well, dear reader, did I write that? Am I responsible for that thing on wiki answers?


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